Willow Wood

God and the devil

Were fishing for some souls

Up above the Willow Wood

Is where they set their poles

They shared a sandwich

Satan had some wine

Every now and then

Their lines would intertwine

Maggie got a shiver

Right through her bones

Someone's on her grave

Her hands were icy cold

She kissed me like a debtor

To get me to stay

Said if we'd lie together

She would be safe

Lord don't take me now

Stay a little longer

Keep me from my grave

Closed her eyes and after awhile

She said we should pray

I heard what she petitioned for

Under her breath

She declared my sin was the greater

So they should take me instead

Lord don't take me now

I looked up

I couldn't see

God or the devil

Who's line was over me

They're fishin' for some souls