The Tinker's Marriage

The tinker hailed from

Yonder Grey Mare Glen

Charming Sara had a way

Was irresistible to men

The women folk of Moffet

Had men so out of line

They petitioned for her help

And they got it for a price

The tinker's wedding

Went four months long

When it was finished her husbands

Numbered thirty strong

There was Timothy the tailor

Whose heart was meek

He laughed and he loved and was

Dead within the week

Next that miser Manny

Who got spent up with all his money

And when he was laid to rest

There were just eight and twenty

Jerold the carpenter was made of

Sterner stuff

It took two full months for his

Candle to snuff

Now in the town of Moffet

The women became alarmed

As their stock of men

Took a fearful plunge

By and by the men expired

Till the village was completely bare

She was so patient

There wasn't a man left anywhere

So Sarah packed up

Bound for fresh pastures

Her trunk stuffed full

With Gold and Alabaster